Teachers Dominate Teachers v. Students Basketball Game

Teachers and students go head to head in the annual basketball game.


The teams huddle up before the 2015 teachers vs students basketball game.

For the second year in a row, the Class of 2016 hosted the teachers vs students basketball game. The teachers took a 43-39 win against the students, giving them back to back wins. The game was created last year by the now seniors and after giving a good result, the game was played another year. Malakye Hall ‘16 is one of the organizers and said that the senior class thought it would be a good fundraiser idea. “We’ve needed money for prom and other class activities. We thought that this game would give good money and bring the school together,” said Hall.

Although it is organized for money, many students go to the game to have a fun time and watch their teachers. Antonio Frutos ‘17 attended the game for the second year in a row and said he enjoys it very much. “Cheering on with the teachers feels great. My teacher Mr. Kerr played a great game and it gives me something to talk and laugh about with him,” said Frutos.

Hall also said that, despite the competition, the games also build relationships between the student body and the teachers. “You meet new teachers and get to joke around with them. I met the guy that dunked [Jonathan Smith] and he’s a pretty cool guy,” said Hall.

A new participant in this year’s game was social science teacher, Jonathan Smith. Smith grabbed a lot of attention due to his ability to dunk. At the end of the game, Smith was very happy with his team’s performance. “It all worked out well but we will have to hit the gym next year to make sure we beat them again.” said Smith.

Although his remarks showed the competitive side of the game, he also mentioned that it was a great experience for him as a new teacher. “You get to bond with the kids and it was a great bonding experience for me,” said Smith.

This is the last year at Jones for the class of 2016, as they will be graduating, leaving in question the continuity of the teacher vs student basketball game. Hall thinks that the game will continue and it might become a Jones tradition despite them leaving. “It’s been so successful in my opinion. For both games we filled the at least one half of the gym. The juniors have already begun talking about next year so I think it will continue next year and might even become a Jones tradition,” said Hall.