Eagle Leaders in Early Action

2015-2016 E.L.I.T.[e] mentors prepare early for their freshman mentees


Mentors during their first training session.

As the Class of 2016 edges closer and closer to their senior year, many see it as a time to relax and “chill”, but for others, it is time to demonstrate their leadership. Some seniors do this through the Eagle Leaders in Training groups, better known as the  E.L.I.T.[e] mentoring community. This year, with a large group of incoming freshman, the E.L.I.T.[e] staff and its members are preparing early.

In preparation for next year, the 2015-2016 mentors took the school day off on May 20 and attended their first training day named “Synergize”.

During their training day, the mentors were involved in activities where they shared things that made them nerdy and came up with a survival kit for next year’s freshman. E.L.I.T.[e] mentor Daria Kochanek ’16 found this day beneficial.

“The point was to remind us that if we want to maintain a healthy relationship with our mentees, we have to be communicative and empathetic because the degree and strength of our relationship stems from our effort as mentors,” said Kochanek.

These activities allow mentors to have an idea of what to do when they are with their mentees. As the class size is increasing year by year, the mentee to mentor ratio is increasing as well. This upcoming school year, the mentee to mentor ratio is about 8-1. Science teacher and E.L.I.T.[e] program sponsor Chris Lin believes that this is an important aspect of the program.

“This is our second year of committing to every freshman having a mentor,” said Lin. “Every freshman is important and every member of our community is important, so lets make sure that every freshman that comes into our community is well supported.”

With their first training session in the books, mentors feel prepared for the IGNITE Kick-Off event planned for August 28. Nicolas Mosqueda ‘16 believes that he is ready for his mentees.

“Before our training session, I wasn’t too sure of what I needed to do with my mentees,” said Mosqueda. “Now, with IGNITE coming up, I feel confident and ready to help my mentees start their first year at Jones with confidence and devotion.”

IGNITE will welcome incoming freshman to the Jones College Prep community as they will spend the day with their peer mentors. The freshman will participate in team building activities, explore the school, meet teachers and staff members, and still be able to share lots of jokes and laughs.

“IGNITE is basically our big welcome to Jones for the freshman. They will run through their schedule with their mentors and learn how to open lockers; just the basic needs for them to start of their year,” said Lin. “This is what E.L.I.T.[e] is about. It’s about team building and community and culture setting.”

On top of all these activities set up for the freshman, the E.L.I.T.[e] community plans to reinforce the relationship building between mentors and mentees through a number of Academic Lab activities during the first week of the 2015-2016 school year.

“All the studies show that freshman year is so important for getting engaged within the school community,” said Lin. “The more engaged a freshman will be in our community, the better they’ll be in school and the more they’ll benefit our community.”

The main objective for the E.L.I.T.[e] community is to make the freshman’s transition to high school smooth and to welcome them to the Jones community in a comforting manner.

Dayana Campoverde ’19 fears her upcoming transition to high school.

“I know that high school and middle school are completely different. I’ve heard about E.L.I.T.[e] and hopefully they help me with my transition. I hope that what I’ve done in school so far will allow me to be ready for my high school years,” said Campoverde.

In order to maintain the Jones’ student reputation of being socially skilled and mature, compassionate, socially just and responsible, well-rounded and holistic, and intellectually competent, E.L.I.T.[e] strives to place the freshman on the right track.

“E.L.I.T.[e] is here to provide help for our freshman and lead them to success throughout their high school years,” said Mosqueda.

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