Adventures in Real Time: Dylan Who?


Dylan Gardner’s CD art for his album, ‘Adventures in Real Time’

Summer Griffin '15, Business Manager

When I heard the name Dylan Gardner, I had the feeling that I had heard of him before, but I could not figure out who he is. He seems like the kid who is from a nearby suburb that claims he’s from Chicago.

Gardner is a musician and singer, an Illinois-native and has been around music his whole life since his father, Mark Gardner was in a Chicago band called “The Kind”. Gardner recently dropped his debut album “Adventures in Real Time” in January

Gardner’s debut album: “Adventures in Real Time” could be a guilty pleasure. Like the time when you find yourself jamming to the Disney radio station when you are the only one in the car, it belongs with early Jonas Brothers and Hannah Montana. My thought has not changed about that but honestly some of the songs are really catchy and surprisingly good.

When listening to his music, it reminds me of 2000s pop and rock style. The days when most mainstream music actually used real instruments, instead of making beats in the studio, which makes sense since he plays the piano, drums and guitar.

Some of his songs reminds me of a mainstream song or artist. My most listened to song from his album is “Let’s Get Started”, the simple drum beat gives assistance to the people who lack rhythm and the chorus is as catchy as Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space”. It is easy and upbeat to dance along with.

Gardner’s songs are good, but I usually press next when it comes on my shuffle. It just can not compete to mainstream music. Comparing him to some of my favorite artist is just cruel to do because he does not stand a chance. Not because he is not a good singer or his songs are not good, but because no one knows who he is yet.

Overall, Dylan Gardner’s album is modest.The album is the tip of the iceberg of what he could do. Now, his music would most likely be played on the Disney radio station more than it would be played on the mainstream radio stations like Power 92 or 103.5 Kiss F.M.