Student Government Updates

The latest SGA event.
The latest Student Government event.


Overall SGA
In the past weeks, the overall SGA has been responding to student feedback and also planning the second spirit week to begin second semester with memorable, fun experiences like Pack-the-Gym night on Feb. 4 and the Snow Ball dance Feb. 6. SGA will additionally be organizing Social Justice Week and Fun Fair.

Senior Class

Lately, the Senior class officers have been helping plan the “Snow Ball” and are currently in the process in planning some fundraisers before the end of the year. Also they are in the process of planning some things for prom (which will be at the Marriott Hotel). Along with this process, the senior class officers are also looking for people to help out with planning the senior gift and some prom planning.

Junior Class

The Junior class officers have been planning the junior prom. Junior Prom will be April 17th. There will also be a Valentine’s Day fundraiser, more details to come. They are also hosting the student teacher basketball game on Feb. 20.

Sophomore Class

Jan. 28 during Ac Lab, students can fill out Matchomatics form and the week of Valentine’s Day (starting Feb. 9) they can buy a list telling them their matches. By Jan. 30, bands must sign up in order to participate in Jones first-ever Battle of the Bands. The winning band receives $250. Five bands will be competing. The only requirement for a band to compete is the must have one member currently attending Jones. Battle of the Bands, March 6 at 6:00pm in the Jones South Auditorium

Freshmen class

Recently, the Freshman Class officers have conducted a winter raffle. The drawing was last week and the winners have received their prizes. For Valentine’s Day, they will be selling slap bracelets.