She Strikes!

Julie Lohman headed to Nebraska on bowling scholarship


Terri Lohman

Julie Lohman practicing at Diversey River Bowl. They are her favorite lanes in Chicago.

Renee Jacoby '15, Associate Editor

Borrowing ill-fitting bowling shoes and bowling at local lanes with friends is a widespread American pastime. As the comedian Jim Gaffigan said, “Bowling’s great. You’ve gotta love a sport you can eat while you play it.” This joke describes the traditional attitude toward bowling and how many people consider it a game, not a sport.  But, for many young women, it is a collegiate sport that requires many hours of practice at the lanes.

Julie Lohman ‘15 has a passion for bowling. She started bowling in the fourth grade and is now going to college as a Division I athlete.

Lohman moved from Iowa to Illinois last year. As soon as she arrived at Jones, she became a member of the bowling team. As a senior, she started investigating scholarships and  the opportunity to continue bowling in college. She sent a demonstration video of her bowling to multiple college coaches. The coaches only knew Lohman as “Bowler #4” because no information is sent with the videos.

Lohman ultimately received offers from over 20 schools. The schools were a mix of divisions. Division was not initially a part of Lohman’s decision. Lohman said, “Wanting to be a member of a Division I team started off as unimportant, but I wanted to be a part of the best teams in the US and be in the running for a championship.”

Sign-in week is a time when the interested schools send offers to the athletes they have scouted. This was an extremely important turning point for Lohman. The University of Nebraska, a Division I school, was one of the schools interested in Lohman and is the most successful team in the NCAA bowling league. The University of Nebraska immediately offered her a bowling scholarship to express their interest. Lohman hoped to hear from Tulane University during sign-in week. Lohman said, “Tulane has great academics, but did not offer anything in that week.” Having the opportunity to be a member of the best Division I team in the league and receiving a scholarship sealed the deal.

Lohman  plans to bowl for the University of Nebraska Cornhuskers next year.