In rare move, transfer student shines as starting point guard

Since Isaiah Gilbert graduated last year, there has been an open spot for a new starter on the Boys Varsity Basketball team and the new starter is transfer, Adrian Huerta ’16.

Huerta is the starting point guard for Jones Boys Varsity team. He transferred from Hansberry College Prep and started playing basketball with the team over the summer. “He started training with [us] over the summer, so when the school year began he already knew the team fairly well.” said Varsity Basketball captain, Ellington Bramwell.

Huerta transferred to Jones for a better education and more freedom. “I love it. It’s unbelievable because from the last school I came from wasn’t freedom to me. A lot of things have changed. I’ve learned to be a discipline student and how to be more persistent student, but here I feel like I became more mature as in carrying my own weight. I love the school” said Huerta.

Frank Griseto, Boys Varsity Basketball head coach, believes that Huerta brings new skills to the team. “I think he gives us a lot if stability to handle the ball and essentially be the point guard is vital to our success” he said. Huerta’s average is ten points, five assists and four steals into this season.

At Hansberry College Prep, Huerta says that their basketball team was based off of speed because they did not have a lot of tall people, but at Jones the team has the height that Hansberry lacked.

Huerta believes he brings enthusiasm to the spot and just want to get others involved in the game and take care of the basketball. He compares basketball to a  job.

Huerta thinks that the Boys Basketball team has a bright season ahead of them. “I think we can make it far to be honest. I mean, we have a great team. We have a lot of speed and ball handlers and we got a lot of power” he said.