No tricks, no treats: some Christians say no to Halloween

BOO: Religious beliefs play a role in some Jones students celebration of Halloween

BOO: Religious beliefs play a role in some Jones students’ celebration of Halloween

As some students are getting ready to celebrate Halloween with costumes and candy, other students do not think much of the holiday.

Veronica Winters ’15 says she does not celebrate Halloween because she “is a Christian and Halloween is a pagan holiday. But I definitely do not mind others celebrating around me.”

Christians, do not consider themselves part of the world. “Halloween is a holiday of the world. Christians are not part of the world, they are just in it,” said Winters.

Natia Weathers ’15 believes that “Christians are here to help others gain salvation or convert, not here to stray away. We are not here to be apart of the world, we want to try to convert it.”

Like Winters, Marlena Hall ’16 also does not celebrate the holiday due to her Christian faith. “My family has never celebrated Halloween.”

Hall says her family doesn’t give out candy because they do not want to take part in the holiday at all.

Math teacher Barbara Nayder, sponsor of the Bible study club says that Halloween for Christians depends on personal experience with the family.

“My family doesn’t have any convictions against Halloween as long as the focus is having fun, but we want to make sure the kids do not go overboard with taking the costumes too seriously.”

Nayder says that some families with more rigid views may be more strict about the holiday and its festivities, “Some families dislike the holiday because it is a for of begging, going to door to door.”

Weathers is a Christian and celebrates Halloween; but with restrictions. “My family does celebrate Halloween, however we do not dress up.” Weathers says that when she is allowed to dress up, the costumes cannot represent monsters or demonic creatures.

Weathers and her family do pass out candy to trick-or-treaters, but with an extra treat. “My parents pass out the candy and they also pass out Christian packets.”

Sheila Martinez ’16 says she does not celebrate Halloween because she converted to Christianity last year.

“I didn’t get to celebrate last year and I miss it a lot. It doesn’t bother me that I can’t celebrate it. I still get to enjoy other people in the costumes and my friends share their candy with me.”

However, many students are still into the holiday, Christian faith or not.

“Halloween is so much fun,” said Rachel Kistinger ’15, “You can be someone you’re not for a day. When I was younger, my costumes were a huge deal and I would get bags full of candy”.

For others, it’s what they get out of the holiday.

“I love candy so I love Halloween,” said Erica Wilkes ’15.

While seniors are planning their last Halloween at Jones, the freshmen are planning for their first.

“I love Halloween and I am excited for my first high school Halloween. I’ve been planning my costume, “said Ming Duplechain ’18.

Some freshmen are excited to show off their costumes, others are enjoying others in their costumes. Noah Eagle ’18 says he like Halloween and thinks its fun to see what students are dressing up as.


Are You Dressing Up for Halloween?

Ainna Flaminia Ainna Flaminia ’15

“I wil be dressing up this year. I’m going to be an armored witch, Oktavia von Seckendork from the anime ‘Madoka’ “.


Sheila Martinez '16 Sheila Martinez ’16

“Since I don’t celebrate Halloween, I can’t dress up. But if I could, I would be a taco.”


Claire Waller Claire Waller ’17

“I will be dressing up. This year, I will be a mermaid.”


Rene Mendoza Rene Mendoza ’18

“I probably will dress up, and I’m going to be the Scream Machine.”