The Homecoming Game We Never Had


Munim Shah

Lane Tech homecoming football game

Sports Editor, Taylor Brooks '15
Sports Editor, Taylor Brooks ’15

In my past three years at Jones I have always anticipated this special time of year: fall, also known as, homecoming. Almost every high school in the city of Chicago (with some exceptions) decked out in their respective school colors this week and most likely lost all capabilities of speaking due to excessive cheering at a football game.

I may be old fashioned, but the idea of an entire school rallying around a group of 75 football players on a brisk Friday night is enticing. Clearly, I am not the only one who believes such notion, as several Jones students attended various homecoming games this weekend. “Being a part of something that brings the school together where they can show their school spirit and cheer each other on is definitely a good way to celebrate homecoming” said Dominika Stanisz ‘16. My mom celebrated homecoming by going to a football game. My cousins celebrate homecoming by going to a football game. And nearly every single human being who ever attended Lane Technical High School also celebrates homecoming by going to a football game.

It bothers me to say I am a little envious of Lane Tech given all the amazing opportunities I have received here at Jones. However, as I skimmed through my news feed, seeing hundreds of pictures of my friends, together, dressed in green, and having the time of their lives, I couldn’t help but feel left out. I am aware that Jones is of a different breed. We are not a traditional high school and our traditions surely reflect that. But the homecoming game acts as a high school rite of passage. It’s more than lots of screeching and screaming. The idea is for a whole family – being the student body – to come back home and come together behind the one thing that makes them all the same: the school. Being an avid sports fan, I was forced to ask myself whether the concept of homecoming could even function with the absence of a football game. The answer: yes.

As it turns out, there will not be a homecoming game come Friday, October 24th. I will admit I was disappointed when co-homecoming official, math teacher Kelsey DeWitte, informed me of the absence of the game. However, bits and pieces of old Jones traditions will continue to come together, as there will be a “homecoming-like” basketball game in the winter most likely occurring after a large pep rally which will take place in the Eagles’ Nest.

After discussing this very hot topic, as of the first day of school, I have come to one, singular conclusion: the key to homecoming is bringing people together through the one thing that makes us all the same: Jones. “It’s a time to celebrate each class and the school. It’s a time of camaraderie, between the classes, to come together and be creative” said DeWitte. The amazing thing about Jones is that it won’t matter when the game takes place, where the game will be, or who is even playing. All that matters is that the student body will come together as a whole to support this special place we call home.